Logitech Portable Lapdesk N315 Review

The Lapdesk N315 from Logitech adds some functitonality compared to the average laptop cooler by adding a separate, pull-out tray for your portable USB mouse. It is good for laptops up to 15 inches but not much larger than that. Some 15-inch notebooks might even reach outside the pad’s edges, which does not make it unusable but rather uncomfortable. Its design is very simplistic – perhaps overly so – but at the same time it’s easy to tuck the Lapdesk into your average laptop bag. As the name implies, the Lapdesk N315 is indeed portable.

It has a rubberized, textured surface to protect your computer from sliding off the pad, and is built from a heat-resistant material that prevent heat from passing from the bottom side of your computer to your lap. It works quite well; even after a few hours of use, very little heat has managed to slip through the heat-shielding material. Compared to glossy laptop stands, it doesn’t attract that much dust or fingerprints, but if you need to clean it, the anti-slip coating is washable.

The built-in mouse pad is an added bonus for some, but I never used it since I am more than comfortable using the multi-touch trackpad on my 13-inch MacBook Pro. On the other hand you can just as well place a cup of coffee on it or whatever you need quick access to at the moment. The fact that it easiliy slides in and out of the pad itself makes it a non-issue even if you never use the feature.

As it’s only half an inch thick, it readily fits into any laptop bag or backpack designed to hold an average-sized laptop. You can simply place it in the same compartment as the computer. On the whole, the Logitech Portable Lapdesk N315 is a good product. The pros and cons fall into more or less the same slots; if simplicity is what you’re looking for, the N315 will be right up your alley, but it has no advanced features whatsoever. Conversely, a full-fledged laptop stand with triple fans will hardly fit into your laptop bag.