Macally Ecofan Pro

The Ecofan Pro is something as unusual as a laptop stand made of wood – Bamboo, to be precise. This is probably the main reason why it has been honored with the word ‘eco’ in the name. Bamboo is one of the most rapidly growing and less water-intensive wood species in the world, hence an environmentally friendly choice. With wood instead of aluminum as the main material, the heat dissipation ability is slightly hampered, however.


The stand comes with a fold-up support that gives you a total of three different working angles. It has two fans that do their job fairly quietly, and considering this cooling station is made out of wood it keeps the temperature down with reasonable efficiency even if it’s not on par with some of its aluminum competition.

Macally EcoFan Pro Bamboo

To offer some criticism on the Ecofan Pro, some sort of pocket for stowing away the USB connector while it is not in use would have been desirable. Otherwise the Macally Ecofan Pro is a pleasant experience and clearly one of the most environmentally friendly alternatives on the market.